Franklin Gothic (guitar)


Franklin Gothic - former agent provocateur, black propogandist and Whoremaster General for the Arch Diocese of Wakefield - is something of an enigma.  So much so that he actually breathes an 'air of mystery', the precise chemical composition of which is known only to himself.


Well known for his fingering technique (You can stop that right now!! Ed.)   he has played everything from the heaviest of rock to the ponciest of folk shit.  


He also happens to be the first man in the North of England to have worn passive aggressive trousers.


He is reluctant to discuss matters pertaining to his adventures in the chronosphere, though he admits to drinking schnapps with 'mad' King Ludwig of Bavaria, beating Jerry Lee Lewis to within an inch of his life at the behest of Carl Perkins, playing shove ha'penny with Lord Haw Haw, looking at Idi Amin's bird and, along with Count Kundalini, attempting to blow up the Greenwich Observatory in order to stop time.